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Get Media

Get Media Bot can help you to get any media files from all over the Internet.

Lefa Co-Op Bot

This bot helps share basic info about the Lefa school homework support program.

South African News

Get free South African news daily.


Be notified on Telegram when one of your websites go offline or become unresponsive.


The best games on Telegram! Pick a game and challenge your friends.

Internet Movie Database (IMDB)

Search IMDB for movie information from any group or chat.

URL Shortener

Send long URLs to this bot, and the bot will return short link from either Bitly or TinyURL.

AfriForum BuurtBot

The AfriForum BuurtBot is a staging area for joining the various AfriForum neighbourhood watch groups throughout South Africa.


Skeddy is a simple yet powerful reminder tool that can help you create and manage your reminders.

Group Help Bot

A feature-rich and versatile bot to help you manage your groups easily and safely.

Reminder Bot

Yastabot is a simple Telegram reminderbot with a non-frustrating and intuitive UI.

Wikipedia Search

Search the world's largest online encyclopedia from any group or chat.

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