Telegram is a cloud-based messaging service similar to WhatsApp that allows users to send text messages, images, and videos.

Simply follow the instructions below to get started.

Step 1 – Download the Telegram App:

Step 2 – Create an Account:

The first time you open the app it will ask you to enter your phone number. Afterwards, you’ll receive a code via SMS to confirm your number – enter the code in the app, and then fill in your name and surname during the next step.

The app may ask for permission to access your contacts, photos, and locations – you can allow all of these. Contact access allows Telegram to show you which of your friends are also using the app, photo access allows you to send media files to others, and location access allows you to share location pins and live locations with others.

Step 3 – Find Relevant Content:

When you tap on the “New Message” icon on the bottom right-hand side of the app, Telegram will show you a list of your contacts who also have the app – simply tap on one of them to message them.

Telegram also features groups (conversations where multiple people can talk) and channels (conversations where only one person / company can broadcast messages) – you can find lots of Southern African ones related to your interests on the website:

The app also features bots – little applications that help you perform certain tasks. Some examples include:

You can search for Southern African channels, groups, and profiles related to your interests, here.

Learn More:

For a more in-depth overview of the app’s features, see this article.

Below are some features profiles, channels, groups, and bots, as well as some Telegram tips & tricks you might find useful.

You can read this article if you’d like to transfer your existing chats from another service, and if you have any other questions, take a look at our FAQs here.

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